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Over the past 6 years, The Great Recession has impacted the way Americans think about homeownership and how it relates to their financial future.  However, the benefits of property ownership haven’t changed.  According to a recent survey by The Federal Reserve, even during a recessive market homeowners net worth ranged from 31 to 46 times that of renters.



As we move into 2015 and the South Central PA. market continues to improve,  property ownership is clearly an excellent option to maintain and build wealth.  There are 4 distinct returns a property owner can realize when buying property with bank financing.  These returns are realized over the ‘long-term’, and will increase your net worth over your lifetime.  With interest rates

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Over the last 12 years, I’ve had many people ask me this question:  “Do you think my home will sell?”  If you’re like most people, you have a nagging worry in your mind that it might not sell.  


Rest assured, the answer is “yes”, your home will sell.  The better question is:  “When will it sell, and for how much?”  If a home hasn’t sold and we explore the possible reasons, we will always come back to 3 things you can do:  


  1. Marketing:  If no-one knows it’s for sale, we can be sure it’s not going to sell.  The first thing to explore is how well your home is being marketed and promoted.  Make sure your Realtor (even if it’s me!) is marketing and promoting your home properly.  
  2. Condition:  You could have the best Realtor in the world,
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Recently, I’ve heard inquiries about the difference between a real estate team, and a single sales agent without a team.  It’s important to note that there are opposing opinions to which is ‘better’, even within our industry.  I have experienced 11 years of practicing as both a single agent and working with a team, and can attest to the reality that there are both exceptional teams and incredible single agents, who provide excellent service and diligently care for their clients.  

While I run and work with my team, I interact with single agents in our own office at Hooke, Hooke & Eckman every day.  I truly believe these are some of the most honest, reliable, and competent people in the Real Estate Industry.  They manage to balance all aspects of Real

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Conventional wisdom tells us that we should wait until spring to list our house – Right??  Not necessarily so – If you are fortunate to be moving into an area like ours that has relatively low unemployment, anytime could be a good time!  Low unemployment means folks are moving in the area for work or moving on up because of promotion.  It is true that you might have fewer showings during the winter months BUT the showings you do have will probably be very serious buyers.


On a related note, winter months have some special challenges to assure that necessary curb appeal.  Remember to keep walks and driveways clear of snow, provide color such as a colorful wreath or some evergreens potted near the doorway.  Because it gets dark early during this time

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hooke hooke eckmanAt the risk of sharing corporate secrets, I believe it is important for the world to know what makes us tick. This is also what makes us vastly different from "corporate" franchises. While many real estate companies have mission statements like, "be the #1 brokerage in the area in sales", the basis of our company is Creating Raving Fans. At great length, our management team has dissected who we want to be our Raving Fans, and how to create them.

The most obvious group we seek to serve is that of our clients. Our agents do that on a daily basis by providing exceptional service, clearly and consistently communicating with our clients and seeking to anticipate their needs and addressing them in every way possible.

To do so, the brokerage must in turn

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